The phenomenon of hidden sounds:
My encounter with a metal railing revealed a world of sound that I was unaware of until my buckle brushed against the post. It illustrated to me the multitude of layers that exist around us that are left un-experienced unless we stumble upon them by chance.
Railing is a video I made in response to one of those moments.
Please note that it starts with only sound and a black screen for almost 1 minute.

"Musical Chairs"
The sounds that lurk within inanimate objects are ostensibly ignored and more than often provoke one to oil, fix or tighten the joints. These sounds are generally referred to as noise.
Musical Chairs is an installation that explores the reverberation of four chairs with an attempt to find the music and the animation that lies within.
My aim is to create a playful environment to contemplate and to consider where an inanimate object becomes animated; non-life becomes life and the point where the two meet.
The sound of each chair is activated by a viewer sitting upon it, triggering a cacophony or symphony of noise.

"The Tea Stories"
While drinking tea with my Mother she would often tell stories of her family growing up in Wales and Australia and our time living in Scotland and then moving to Canada.
This is a collage of stories, photos, animations and sound clips of a few of these moments, drinking tea, set in time to the ticking clocks in her house.

This is a video and sculpture installation.
The conrete castings are body parts laid out onto a white pedistal in front of a video monitor.
The video is an animation of the movement of these parts going in and out of the shape of a body.